Thursday 5 January 2012

Envy (2007)

Director: Paul DeNigris
Stars: Vince Reign, Lindsey Marlin and Steve Briscoe

I think the biggest problem with Envy is that it doesn't try to do much. It's a professional little short and it's hard to fault in any way, but there's so little to work with that it doesn't matter. After the ambitious energy of The Long Shot and the deliciously dry wit of Stabbing Stupidity, it feels disappointing, even though I now recognise everyone involved. In fact all three actors were in Stabbing Stupidity, though Vince Reign only had a single line in that film. He's half of a young couple here with Lindsey Marlin, who move into his parents' house now that they're gone, under surprising circumstances. The omnipresent Steve Briscoe is the homicide detective who explains just how surprising, but we quickly find out the details for ourselves. Given that Envy only has three minutes to set up, explain and finish off the entire piece, you can imagine how quickly but it still isn't rushed. Marlin delivers a great last pair of lines, but it isn't enough to save this one.

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Paul DeNigris said...

Thanks, Hal. Here's a little insight into the genesis of "Envy" - why it's so maddeningly short.