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Friday, 21 July 2000

Filmstock Arizona 2013

Filmstock runs a number of film festivals every year in the four corner states: New Mexico, Colorado, Utah and Arizona. In addition to running a competition in each state each year, Filmstock cycles some of the winners to screen as special engagements in other states, effectively working as its own festival circuit.

Filmstock has been running since 2009 but I'm new to it with the Filmstock Arizona 2013 screenings that are coming up at Tempe Pollack Cinemas between 5th and 7th December.

The event runs over three days with a number of selections of short films, introduced by local actors of note. This event will see selections presented by James Ray, Greg Renfro, Victoria Paege, Shane Dean, Tiffany Shepis, Laurie Love and Greg Bronson.

Here are all the films screening at this event this year, with titles linking to my reviews and the IMDb pages added for reference.

Rating System
1 - Abysmal | 2 - Bad | 3 - Poor | 4 - OK | 5 - Good | 6 - Excellent | 7 - Classic

Documentary Shorts
Title Year H D Director(s) IMDb
Into the Black 2012 5 5 Dae Hyun Song IMDb
A Beautiful Waste 2012 5 5 Jon Kasbe IMDb
Keeper of the Mountains 2013 5 5 Allison Otto IMDb

Drama in Shorts
Title Year H D Director(s) IMDb
Elegy for a Revolutionary 2013 5 5 Paul Van Zyl IMDb
Inseparable 2007 6 6 Nick White IMDb
Brightwood 2012 5 5 L Gabriel Gonda IMDb
Insecurity 2013 5 5 Robert Brink IMDb
Ta 2013 5 5 Kunlakan Chanakan Mamber IMDb

Actors' Showcase with Animated and Art Shorts
Title Year H D Director(s) IMDb
Highway Duel 2013 4 4 Auburn Hodgson Setlogelo IMDb
Ritz & Spitz 2012 4 5 Kirby Ann White IMDb
Apparition 2013 5 5 Jahanara Saleh IMDb

Comedy in Shorts
Title Year H D Director(s) IMDb
Love Notes 2013 5 5 Ryan Scheer IMDb
Silent Treatment 2013 5 5 Mark Lobatto IMDb
Spare Real Gun 2012 4 4 Jayme Davis IMDb
The Things My Father Never Taught Me 2012 6 5 Burleigh Smith IMDb
The Worst Best Man 2013 4 4 Kenny Colt IMDb
El Western 2013 5 5 Ivan Malekin IMDb
Happily Ever After 2012 5 5 Yonni Aroussi & Ben Genislaw IMDb
SuperFuzz 2013 6 6 David Towles-Moore IMDb

High Drama
Title Year H D Director(s) IMDb
A Stray 2013 5 5 Hayden Blades IMDb
Those That Play Your Clowns 2013 6 5 John M Broadhead IMDb
The Last Piper 2013 4 4 Iain Forbes IMDb
Menschen 2012 5 5 Sarah R Lotfi IMDb

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