Tuesday 18 July 2000

International Horror & Sci-Fi Film Festival 2014

The history of The International Horror & Sci-Fi Film Festival seems to be organising itself into three year sets.

The first three years, at the Harkins Centerpoint in Tempe, are the early years as the festival established itself. The second three, at Chandler Cinemas and at MADCAP Theatres in Tempe, are currently the classic years, when it was in its prime with substantial programming and excellent guests. The third three saw it merged into the Phoenix Film Festival, initially as the red-headed stepchild but growing consistently each year.

2014, its tenth anniversary year, sees it almost back to the size it used to be in its heyday and the selection of films looks notably impressive, even if the much anticipated Oculus was hijacked by the larger festival.

Last year was strong on the short film programming and those selections were notably well attended. It's great to see this year honour that by returning the number of selections to four, two for horror and two for sci-fi. It's similarly great to see the number of competition feature slots remain at six, three in each track.

What's more, there are ten showcase features, up from last year's eight (eleven if Oculus stays on this side of the larger festival), and they include some potential gems, including Why Don't You Play in Hell?, Queen of Blood and The Sacrament.

Only one of these is a classic film drawn out of the archives to accompany a special guest. This year that's Cujo, presented by Dee Wallace Stone.

The people behind the festival remained consistent, as always. Check them all out if you're into film in Arizona, beginning with Jason Carney and the folk at the Phoenix Film Foundation. Andrea Beesley, the Midnite Movie Mamacita, is the festival director who also programs the showcase features. Danny Marianino and Brandon Kinchen from I Can Smell Your Brains program the horror side and science fiction writer Mike Stackpole handles the sci-fi side.

Here are all the films that screened this year, with titles linking to my reviews and the IMDb pages added for reference. Here are my reviews for the 2014 festival.

Rating System
1 - Abysmal | 2 - Bad | 3 - Poor | 4 - OK | 5 - Good | 6 - Excellent | 7 - Classic

Horror Features
Title Year H D Director(s) IMDb
Billy Club 2013 5 5 Drew Rosas & Nick Sommer IMDb
Morningside Monster 2013 5 5 Chris Ethridge IMDb
The Shower 2013 5 5 Alex Drummond IMDb

Sci-Fi Features
Title Year H D Director(s) IMDb
Dust of War 2014 5 5 Renaud Gauthier IMDb
Mind's Eye 2013 5 5 Mark Steven Grove IMDb
SOS: Save Our Skins 2013 5 5 Kent Sobey IMDb

Showcase Features
Title Year H D Director(s) IMDb
Cujo 1983 4 4 Lewis Teague IMDb
Discopath 2013 3 4 Renaud Gauthier IMDb
LFO 2013 5 5 Antonio Tublen IMDb
The Machine 2014 Caradog W James IMDb
Oculus 2013 6 6 Mike Flanagan IMDb
Proxy 2013 6 6 Zack Parker IMDb
Queen of Blood 2014 Chris Alexander IMDb
The Sacrament 2013 5 5 Ti West IMDb
Savaged 2013 5 5 Michael S Ojeda IMDb
Why Don't You Play in Hell? 2013 Sion Soto IMDb
Witching and Bitching 2013 4 5 Álex de la Iglesia IMDb

Horror Shorts A
Title Year H D Director(s) IMDb
Liebe 2013 5 5 Cameron Macgowan IMDb
Happy Birthday, Mr Zombie 2012 5 5 David Leclercq IMDb
VHS 2013 4 4 Scott Bekicz IMDb
Itsy Bitsy Spiders 2013 6 6 Bertrand Paré IMDb
'Til Death 2013 5 5 Jason Tostevin IMDb
Signal 2013 3 3 Lutfu Emre Cicek IMDb
One Please 2014 5 5 Jesse Burks IMDb
Beware of Children! 2013 6 5 Ares Ceylan IMDb
Dust Jacket 2013 5 5 Kenneth Miller IMDb

Horror Shorts B
Title Year H D Director(s) IMDb
Whispering Pines 2012 4 4 John Fraser IMDb
Edward the Damned 2013 4 4 John L Weckworth IMDb
Tasha and Friends 2013 4 5 Greg Kovacz IMDb
Bright Eyes 2013 5 5 Jamie Rivera IMDb
The Carriage or Dracula and My Mother 2013 4 4 Benjamin L Gordon IMDb
My Love, Our Time is Now 2013 2 3 Kyle Dunleavy n/a
One More for the Road 2013 5 5 Navin Ramaswaran IMDb
The Bad Days 2013 6 5 Greg Keras IMDb

Sci-Fi Shorts A
Title Year H D Director(s) IMDb
Library 2013 5 5 Rose Brauner IMDb
Pale Blue Dot 2013 4 5 Aaron Schuppan IMDb
The Wars of Other Men 2013 5 5 Mike Zawacki IMDb
The Escape 2013 5 5 Alessandro De Vivo & Ivano di Natale IMDb
The Horizon Project 2013 5 5 Scott Belyea IMDb
The Developer 2013 6 5 Robert Odegnal IMDb

Sci-Fi Shorts B
Title Year H D Director(s) IMDb
Liftoff 2013 4 4 Nir Yaniv IMDb
LiFi 2014 6 6 Preston Peterson & Jason Boesch IMDb
Enhanced Cellphone of the Future 2013 5 5 Snehal Patel n/a
Your Cocoon and You 2013 5 5 Dallin Cerva IMDb
Passing 2013 5 5 Stephen Sherwood IMDb
My Date with Adam 2013 5 5 Dennis Schebetta IMDb
DOUG.DAT 2013 4 5 Christopher Rowell IMDb
Sad Monster 2013 4 4 Kurt Dettbarn IMDb
B-Class Cultural Heritage 2013 6 6 Yuji Hariu IMDb

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