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Jerome Indie Film & Music Festival 2013

The Jerome Indie Film & Music Festival is probably the coolest looking film festival ever conjured up, courtesy of founder Toni Michele Ross. The concept is to showcase truly independent material, in the way that many indie film festivals no longer do. In keeping with the concept, the location is the near ghost town of Jerome, almost a mile up in Arizona's Black Hills, surrounded by the Prescott National Forest. Even just working from pictures, it's hard to imagine a more outstanding location for a festival.

Just imagine these three venues, then look up the imagery. The Lighthouse Theatre seats 100; by day, it's the Jerome Fire Station. Trey Brayden Cinemahouse seats 300. That's a former JC Penney officially named the Lawrence Memorial Hall, though it's normally known as Spook Hall. What do you expect from the 'world's largest ghost town'? Finally, there's the Starlit Mine Theatre, a 500 seat parking lot on top of a mountain near the Old Jerome Copper Mine, overlooking the city. Every image I see of Jerome and this festival screams quirky, unique and memorable, and these venues fit those descriptions perfectly.

Back in the 1920s, more than ten thousand people lived in and around Jerome, working its rich copper mines. By the 1950s, the town's population had dropped below a hundred, but a concerted bid to build tourism raised it over four hundred. The most notable resident is Maynard James Keenan, lead singer of the bands Tool, A Perfect Circle and Puscifer. He owns wineries in the area and the feature length documentary about his Arizona winemaking, Blood into Wine, screens at the festival, which also features wine tasting opportunities throughout.

Working through the schedule, it's clear that the majority of the material being screened is sourced from the state of Arizona, with a few films from further afield. To an explorer of local film, this is a real treat because it allows me to discover hard to find previous work by actors and directors I know. No doubt many of them will be in attendance, as Jerome is only a couple of hours away from Phoenix. One familiar face is the local film critic for the Examiner, Bill Pierce, who programmed a set of AZ Forbidden Films.

It's suitably diverse otherwise, mixing up documentaries with dramas and genre material, as well as older films with brand new pictures receiving their world premieres. As the name of the festival suggests, it's also not just a film festival, as a number of bands will be playing live throughout. Even there, connections are apparent, as one set of short films is devoted to music videos. Threefold Fate, one of the bands playing live, were featured in Blood Moon Rising, a 2009 film by Brian Skiba, whose newest picture, 2013's Crushed Velvet, premieres at Jerome with many of the same cast and crew.

Here are all the films that screened this year, with titles linking to my reviews and the IMDb pages added for reference, where possible.

Rating System
1 - Abysmal | 2 - Bad | 3 - Poor | 4 - OK | 5 - Good | 6 - Excellent | 7 - Classic

Comedy Features
Title Year H D Director(s) IMDb
Ghost Team One 2013 5 5 Ben Peyser & Scott Rutherford IMDb
Percival's Big Night 2011 William Sullivan IMDb
Pizza Shop: The Movie 2013 5 5 George O'Barts IMDb
Love a la Carte 2013 3 3 Tim McSpadden IMDb
RockBarnes: The Emperor in You 2012 Ben McMillan IMDb
Unconscious 2012 5 5 Stephen Root IMDb

Documentary Features
Title Year H D Director(s) IMDb
Absent 2010 Justin Hunt IMDb
American Meth 2008 Justin Hunt IMDb
Blood into Wine 2010 Ryan Page & Christopher Pomerenke IMDb
Mill Ave, Inc 2008 Nicholas Holthaus & Chris Valentine IMDb
Music City USA 2013 3 4 Chris McDaniel IMDb
North Town: Heritage of a Black Community 2011 Bruce Nelson IMDb
Ripsaw 2013 4 4 Steve Dorssom IMDb
The Speed of Orange 2012 Justin Hunt IMDb

Drama Features
Title Year H D Director(s) IMDb
.357: Six Bullets for Revenge 2013 4 4 Brian Skiba IMDb
Broken Roads 2012 Justin Chambers IMDb
Cathedral Canyon 2013 5 5 Paul Davis IMDb
Celestial Run 2012 Ruben Garcia IMDb
Hell for a Bounty Hunter 1980 5 5 Ron Nix n/a
Hollywood Seagull 2013 Michael Guinzburg IMDb
A Man Called Nereus 2012 4 4 Nathan Hill IMDb
Paranoia 2011 5 5 Bivás Biswas IMDb
Passionflower 2011 Shelagh Carter IMDb
The Red Machine 2009 5 5 Stephanie Argy & Alec Boehm IMDb
Romans Road 2013 4 4 Helen Gibson IMDb
Shouting Secrets 2011 Korinna Sehringer IMDb
Stuck Outside of Phoenix 2013 Dean Mongan IMDb

Horror Features
Title Year H D Director(s) IMDb
Autopsy: A Love Story 2002 Guy Crawford IMDb
Blood Moon Rising 2009 4 4 Brian Skiba IMDb
Dead Enders 2010 4 4 Paul C Hemmes IMDb
Speak No Evil 2013 5 5 Roze IMDb

All AZ Comedy Shorts
Title Year H D Director(s) IMDb
The Arthouse: Lily Moves In 2013 3 3 Kevin Patterson IMDb
Being Nigel 2010 4 4 Mandie Smith & Charlie Steak IMDb
Clint 2012 4 4 Charles Peterson IMDb
Grab Ass 2012 4 4 Matt Chesin IMDb
The Mid-Life Crisis Guide to Your Stripper 2012 4 4 John Kestner IMDb
Mr Wallace the Great 2013 4 4 Nicki Legge IMDb
Porn Shop Heckler 2006 3 4 Jason Ryan n/a
Questions? 2013 5 5 Kimber Leigh n/a
The Story of May Beaver 2013 4 4 Kimber Leigh & Enzo Treppa n/a
Voyage Trekkers: Welcome Aboard 2013 5 5 Nathan Blackwell IMDb

Arcadia Student Shorts
Title Year H D Director(s) IMDb
Colorblind 2013 3 3 Rachel Smith n/a
Jaydreaming 2013 5 5 Christian Vazquez n/a
Life of Ryan 2013 4 4 Zack Tomaselli n/a
Tarmac 2013 5 5 Mikey Giambra n/a

AZ Forbidden Films
Title Year H D Director(s) IMDb
Hand of the Earth 2012 5 5 Barri Chase n/a
Her Special Day 2009 6 5 Casey Moore IMDb
Mia's Blues 2010 5 5 Orchid Tao n/a
Sex and Violence 2009 5 5 Charles Peterson IMDb
The Tortolita Twelve 2012 6 5 Steve Anderson IMDb
The Violation 2013 6 6 Christopher Bradley IMDb

Documentary Shorts
Title Year H D Director(s) IMDb
Among Giants 2011 Chris Cresci, Ben Mullinkosson & Sam Price-Waldman IMDb
The Art of Beer 2012 Oscar Ussery IMDb
The Ghost of the Cuban Queen Bordello 2013 Lorrie Lawrence n/a
Kooz 2013 Jenna Duncan n/a
The Light n/a
Power in the Pristine 2011 Christine Kassar & James Q Martin IMDb
Why We Climb 2013 Chris Cresci IMDb

Drama Shorts
Title Year H D Director(s) IMDb
Afterword 2012 5 5 Devon Dresback IMDb
Canoe 2011 Shelagh Carter & Deborah Schnitzer IMDb
The Couch 2012 Rubens Marinelli Neto IMDb
A Day on Bleaker Street 2012 5 5 Bill Wetherill IMDb
The Hole 2011 Richard Anderson & Ray Hernandez IMDb
It's Over! 2010 5 5 Gita Farid IMDb
James the Janitor 2012 Nick Van Houghton IMDb
A Lovely Afternoon 2011 Michael Kirchoff IMDb
Mission Control 2013 5 5 Brandon Nazari IMDb
Outside Man 2012 Matthew Robert Walker IMDb
Western X 2010 Nathan Blackwell, Michael Flores & David Sabal IMDb
Winding Road 2012 5 5 Diane M Dresback IMDb

Holy Moly Horror Shorts
Title Year H D Director(s) IMDb
Alone 2013 4 3 Anthony R Pisano n/a
Conception 5 5 Angel Ruiz n/a
Dust Jacket 2013 5 5 Kenneth Miller IMDb
Fidelia 2012 5 5 Candace Rose IMDb
ICE 2013 4 4 Adam Coppola n/a
Incident on Highway 73 2012 6 6 Brian Thompson IMDb
Last Call 2013 4 4 Kenny Colt IMDb
The Muse 2012 4 4 Brian Kiefling IMDb
Night of the Seamonkey 2012 5 5 Michael S Rodriguez IMDb
Test Footage 2012 4 4 Cody Loepke IMDb

Love Shorts Baby!
Title Year H D Director(s) IMDb
Eduardo and Ted 2013 5 5 Brittany Meyerhardt IMDb
Kerry and Angie 2012 5 - Amanda Melby IMDb
Love Abridged 2013 5 5 Francisco Cortez IMDb
Moving Day 2013 5 5 Chad Darnell IMDb
Second Chance 2012 4 4 Lee Quarrie IMDb
Second Chances 2012 4 4 Jon Ray IMDb
Spark 2012 4 4 Diane M Dresback IMDb
The Sunshine Girls 2013 4 4 Kevin R Phipps IMDb
Tears of a Clown 2013 4 5 Brandon Nazari IMDb
Virtual Intervention 2010 4 4 Jeremy Clayton IMDb

No Chick Flick Shorts
Title Year H D Director(s) IMDb
Dead Man's Hand 2011 4 4 Tyson Smith IMDb
Extended Stay 2011 5 5 Matt Gismondi IMDb
Gandhi at the Bat 2006 6 6 Stephanie Argy & Alec Boehm IMDb
Home Front 2012 4 4 Brian Ford IMDb
Opportunity 2013 4 4 Brian Osback n/a
Paco's Two Bean Double Frozen Margarita 2000 5 5 Rich Lang & Mark Vasconcellos IMDb
Pattern: Response 2009 5 5 Stephen Krystek IMDb
Sight 2012 6 6 Daniel Lazo & Eran May-Raz IMDb
Worth 2013 5 5 Nic Barker IMDb

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