Thursday 13 July 2000

No Festival Required Selection 2010

Steve Weiss of No Festival Required is the man behind most of the quirkiest film screenings in the Phoenix Metropolitan Area. Chances are if you're watching a documentary, an experimental art film or a selection of shorts outside of a festival environment here he's the man who's promoting it. We found him on a rare excursion of his into genre cinema, showing Blood Car at the sadly now defunct Chandler Cinemas and have since happily followed him to a number of locations.

One regular location is the Phoenix Art Museum, where the films aren't just interesting, they're also free. Here's a list of No Festival Required screenings scheduled for the 2009/2010 season. Best of them all is his annual selection of short films which has been running for much longer than the three years we've turned up.

Here are all the films shown this year, with film titles linking to my reviews and the IMDb pages added for reference, where appropriate. The films are ordered as per the screening schedule.

Rating System
1 - Abysmal | 2 - Bad | 3 - Poor | 4 - OK | 5 - Good | 6 - Excellent | 7 - Classic

Title Year H D Director(s) IMDb
Three-Fifty 2007 6 6 Maurice Chauvet IMDB
Behind the Mask: Lucha Libre USA ? 4 4 Chris Metzler & Jeff Springer n/a
Sybiosis ? 4 4 Rebecca Martos n/a
Meeskeit 2009 6 6 Neil Ira Needleman IMDB
7 Minutes of Ur Life 2009 5 5 Magda M Olchawska IMDB
Le Lapin Jaloux ? 6 6 Sarah Oleksyk n/a
Domestic 2006 6 5 Katie Hides IMDB
True Beauty This Night 2009 6 6 Peter Besson IMDB
Yard Sale 2006 5 4 Brad Barber IMDB

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