Sunday 14 May 2000

Weird Wednesdays

While I never really intended it, Apocalypse Later gradually morphed from a place where I could write notes for myself to keep track of old movies to a place where I could cover the sort of films that most critics don't. That could be old movies, foreign flicks or microbudget pictures, but it's often short films or the weird and wonderful obscurities that crop up every now and again and make me grin.

I've reviewed weird films before, not least during the Cinematic Hell project I ran at Cinema Head Cheese that eventually turned into my first book, Huh? An A-Z of Why Classic American Bad Movies Were Made, but I started to focus a project around them in January, 2015.

I call it Weird Wednesdays and, as the name suggests, I post these reviews on Wednesday evenings. My goal is to take a good look at the strangest films out there, from across the spectrum of nations, ages and genres, and eventually build up a collection that's worthy of Apocalypse Later Press publishing in book form. I've included short films in this too, so while some Wednesdays will see a single review of a feature film, others will see a set of two or more reviews of short films.

Titles are listed in alphabetical order not the order in which I reviewed them, but I'm highlighting this week's review.

Rating System
1 - Abysmal | 2 - Bad | 3 - Poor | 4 - OK | 5 - Good | 6 - Excellent | 7 - Classic

Latest Review (28 Apr 2023)
Title Year H D Director(s) IMDb
Aaaaaaaah! 2015 4 4 Steve Oram IMDb

All Reviews
Title Year H D Director(s) IMDb
Abducted by the Daleks 2005 1 1 Don Skaro IMDb
Aaaaaaaah! 2015 4 4 Steve Oram IMDb
Antfarm Dickhole 2011 3 2 Bill Zebub IMDb
The Baron Against the Demons 2006 3 2 Ricardo Ribelles IMDb
Billy's Dad is a Fudge-Packer! 2004 5 6 Jamie Donahue IMDb
Can Heironymus Merkin Ever Forget Mercy Humppe and Find True Happiness? 1969 3 - Anthony Newley IMDb
Chocolate Heart 2014 4 4 Harrison Atkins IMDb
The Crippled Masters 1979 3 3 Joe Law IMDb
The Dragon Lives Again 1977 4 4 Kei Law IMDb
Eaten Alive! A Tasteful Revenge 1999 2 3 Gary Whitson IMDb
The Finishing Line 1977 5 5 John Krish IMDb
The Fireman of the Folies Bergère 1930 5 5 Unknown IMDb
The Flying Luna Clipper 1987 4 4 Ikko Ono IMDb
The Fuzzy Fairy Incident: A Furry Tale 2000 3 3 Charlene Dunlap n/a
The Groper Train: Search for the Black Pearl 1984 4 4 Yojiro Takita IMDb
If Footmen Tire You, What Will Horses Do? 1971 2 2 Ron Ormond IMDb
In Search of the Wow Wow Wibble Woggle Wazzie Woodle Woo 1985 4 3 Barry Caillier IMDb
Little Red Riding Hood and Tom Thumb vs. The Monsters 1962 3 3 Roberto Rodriguez IMDb
Marquis 1989 5 5 Henri Xhonneaux IMDb
My Grapefruit, My Father 2004 3 3 Jeremy Feig IMDb
One Got Fat 1963 3 3 Dale Jennings IMDb
The Secret of Magic Island 1957 4 1 Jean Tourane IMDb
The Sex Doll She-Bitch 2009 5 4 Jaison H Costley IMDb
The Sperm 2007 5 5 Taweewat Wantha IMDb
The Star Wars Holiday Special 1978 2 2 Steve Binder IMDb
United Trash 1996 2 1 Christian Schlingensief IMDb
Zombies vs. The Lucky Exorcist 2015 2 2 Jaguar Lim n/a

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