Sunday 13 January 2008

Alma (2007) Yuri Makino

Watched as part of the 'Selection from the Collection Part 5' at the Phoenix Art Museum courtesy of No Festival Required.

A 14 minute slice of what is intended to be a full length feature film, this deals with a girl who is an illegal immigrant but doesn't know it. The most obvious drama comes with her running into the police, while they arrest another illegal immigrant who she happens to know. She stands up for him, not realising what danger she's putting herself into. However the most touching impact to me came through her relationship with her parents and how they treat her.

As a slice of a story it's enjoyable but not as special as it probably expects to be. It does have high aspirations and they can't ever be fulfilled in just a slice. However if expanded properly it could become real cultural insight. I'll watch out for the completed film.

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