Wednesday 18 September 2013

Rules are Rules (2011)

Director: Rod Blackhurst
Stars: Dave Mays, Alex Perez, Meg Cionni and Stevie Nelson

The other short film I've seen that Meg Cionni made for Tough Break Kid is this one, which is about as subtle as Nice Cock! isn't. It's really a faux public service announcement masquerading as a short film, but the etiquette it expounds in an acutely painful manner is so quintessentially American that, being English, I didn't twig until the punchline. My better half, of course, figured it out early on but enjoyed how it unfolded nonetheless. It surely highlights success when two people listen to the same joke, one gets it quickly and the other one doesn't, but both laugh just as hard at the punchline. I can pussyfoot around which particular etiquette it covers to avoid spoilers or just point out that I should have posted this review a couple of weeks ago, but it's not a difficult thing to figure out if you're American and of a certain age or above. It only has 7,000 views at Funny or Die, compared to the 28,000 that Nice Cock! is up to, so maybe the internet audience is just a little too young.

It's 1.38am in Hollywood and young Dave rings his roommate, to prepare their casa for the couple of charming young ladies he's picked up somewhere who want to join them for a nightcap. Alex is on it, with candles to light, champagne to put on ice and Kenny G's Duotones album on vinyl. What's more, Lindsay and Kara are a vision, but of course there's a catch coming and it's sprung magnificently. The girls, Cionni doubling up here with Stevie Nelson, look great and react well, whether they're called on to look confused, giggle tipsily or act enticing. The guys are note perfect, especially as the realisation hits. Now I want to see Mays and Perez act in something serious; I may laugh anyway in anticipation. I also want to see Cionni in something entirely serious. Supergator and Battle Planet aren't likely to meet that requirement and The Fear Chamber doesn't look promising. I think what I need to see next is The Clearing, a short film still in post-production. Maybe Supergator will do until then.

Rules are Rules is available to watch for free on Vimeo.

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